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Our platform deepens the connection between employees, managers, and families by empowering transparency, meaningful conversations, and direct access.

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What does it do?

Our platform brings together the innovation of modern software enabling you to express your thoughts and ideas like never before.

Working with our platform

" As a BHP who has had experience with handwritten documentation, I no longer worry about keeping my client's information private and organized. I always have up to date information, access to the ITP and additional documentation such as forms and assessments. "

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" When my son's school team asked me about a specific skill we had success with at home, I was able to directly access his BHP's notes through the Portal and send them immediately to his teachers. No phone calls. No waiting. Direct access. That's family centered care. "

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" I train BHPs who have different skill sets and they find the Portal is user-friendly. Because the Portal grants access to previous BHPs' notes, the ICD-10, and data in real time it becomes a training tool in and of itself. "

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